Monday, August 11, 2014

LEAF at Graze the Roof

On July 31st, 15 students from the LEAF program, Leadership Ecology Action Fellowship, and their three leaders joined our volunteer day to participate in a day of ecological service, urban renewal and innovative stewardship.

Having studied ecological systems and how their processes cycle back into the community, these students were more than prepared to observe and participate in Graze the Roof’s goals and support the habitat of container gardens filled with drought tolerant natives and seasonal, edible fruits and vegetables and flowers. Their trip to the roof was the culminating experience of a long journey through the Bay Area’s sustainability initiatives, local food systems, and even GLIDE’s Meal Program.

We stated with introductions as a group and then three teams were made to tackle the day’s to-do list:  water, harvest the potato tower, and sift compost.

With a passion for water wise gardening, and site-specific irrigation systems at work, the students helped to supplement certain areas that were lacking water due to the dry spring and summer we have had. A team of students worked with soil and straw as they dug potatoes from the stacked tower of milk crates, and the smell of sweet compost in the air, their enthusiasm, teamwork, and curiosity was palpable and inspired a productive and fun day on the roof.

“Is there a bee in my hair?”

“Can snails swim?”

It was time for lunch.

A hungry group called for a hefty harvest – We harvested an abundant garden-fresh salad rich with edible flowers and diverse spicy leaves. There is nothing like a Graze the Roof salad.

“There’s a bug in my salad.”

“Excuse me, do you have ranch?”

The energy never faltered, and 491 potatoes later, the LEAF crew had to pack it in.  It was a terrific day in the garden with an amazing group of inspiring young people, who no doubt, are moving toward creating a progressive and positive environment for us all.

Come join us for a day at the garden at Graze the Roof every Thursday from 10am-2pm and read reflections from the LEAF group as well as more about the program itself here!

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  1. I love west world, they give early exposure to kids which we don't have here in our country. You empower kids at the early age by giving such exposure. Thank you for sharing it