Friday, June 29, 2012

Join us on JULY 5th from 10a-2p!

Lupine is a bloomin' !

We have been stewarding this particular blossom from seed and it is quite remarkable to see her in bloom. We saved this seed from an heirloom hybrid variety of lupine grown at Occidental Arts and Ecology center's garden. 

Join us on Thursday JULY 5TH 2012 from 10a-2p! (bring a picnic lunch!)

There are so many flowers, fruits, vegetables and some of our favorite perennial herbs taking off right now! You've got to see it to believe it!

As always...Thank you to our committed corps of volunteers showin' up week after week helping to grow the garden. We couldn't do it without you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Plant your Art: The Living Wall

Sunday, August 19, 2012
1:00 - 3:00 PM
Graze the Roof 
330 Ellis Street (at Taylor)
San Francisco, CA 94102
Free to the public
You’re invited to join the Museum of Craft and Design and Graze the Roof, GLIDE Memorial Church’s rooftop garden, in an afternoon immersed in eco-art. Where do art and the garden merge? How do contemporary artists and designers employ the living plant as medium and focal point? Join in this conversation while learning to craft a living wall using recycled wood pallets. Help install the garden’s very first living wall element, and create one of your own to take home. Limited spaces are available. Register today!

Please RSVP to Lindsey Goldberg, Project Manager at Limited spaces are available. Children are welcome with adult accompaniment.

Graze the Roof gets a new Intern

Hello San Francisco! Meet Megan Leary.

Megan is a native San Franciscan and joins us from Oberlin college this summer to get hands-on experience working at the intersection of urban gardening, food and social justice and community building. 

Megan has helped to transform backyards from simple lawns into productive food gardens. We are thrilled to have her support this summer season as a volunteer coordinator. I look forward to working alongside Megan as we manage the compost, build soil, plant seasonal crops, take care of the worms, the bees and continue to supply a weekly harvest to GLIDE's kitchen.

Thank you Megan!

Join us on Thursdays from 10a-2p for our weekly volunteer workday. Bring a lunch and bring a friend!

Demystifying Irrigation

This last Sunday was HOT. We don't get that many hot days in San Francisco and Sunday was truly a day to remember. The basil and tomatoes of Graze the Roof are loving the heat and growing fast! (On your next visit to the garden, take home beautiful bushels of basil to make your own pesto - a summer treat!)

When it gets this hot, we are reminded just how important water is, to the success and sustainability of our garden. Graze the Roof is watered via a drip system that was installed about four years ago. Like the garden, drip irrigation is dynamic. It has to be, as the flora of our garden: flowers, fruits and vegetables are in constant rotation...

For the June installment of our urban agriculture workshop series we invited Shain Herbert of the Urban Farmer Store to break down the "how-tos" of irrigation. He did an incredible job covering a vast amount of information and all the parts and pieces that can make up a successful irrigation system. The workshop participants were Master Gardeners, School Garden Coordinators and aspiring backyard gardeners. 

Following the lecture, we jumped into practice and worked together to refine a loosey-goosey drip-line  into a more refined and efficient system.

If you need support with irrigation, you can find Shain and his resourceful colleagues at The Urban Farmer Store -

Thank you Shain and all who came out on Sunday to learn and support the continued development of Graze the Roof!

Enjoy the sunshine and happy gardening!