Friday, August 9, 2013

Volunteers + Passion Inspire Innovation

Graze the Roof inspires people. I've seen it happen dozens of times and it is always refreshing and always exciting. For some it is the sheer miracle of traveling up seven flights of stairs and arriving in an oasis of food, color, beauty, the buzzing of honeybees and community. For some it is the magic of possibility. Graze the roof captures the essence of what is possible when people come together to support a vision of urban transformation. For others it is the opportunity to engage in a project that gets their hands dirty, and connects them to an innate aspect of our humanity that can get lost when living in an urban environment. Growing food, and growing community is what we are all about. The volunteers that show up each and every week, help us nurture this mission of food and community!

After coming for a few weeks, a volunteer named Judy saw a need for a sink on the roof. She recognized the importance of our community potluck lunch that occurs every Thursday during the volunteer workday. She noticed that following the potluck, we had a very haphazard way of "doing dishes." She came to the conclusion that it could be done much more efficiently and went to work researching some different options. Yesterday, she came to the garden with the necessary supplies and after some collaborative brainstorming, we constructed a sink! We placed our sink near the compost so that we could use the gray water from washing dishes on the compost pile!

Thanks Judy and all of the other volunteers who help make it happen week after week. 


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