Thursday, August 16, 2012

Celebrating August Abundance!


  1. Celebrating August Abundance up on the roof?! Nice! Green roofs are becoming a huge trend nowadays, and I have to say, yours is definitely in vogue. Your garden, by far, is the most unique roof garden I’ve seen this year. It’s lovely and you’ve grown a lot of healthy plants up there. Good job on taking care of them. How long have you been planting all of these?

    Rufus Mcclure

  2. Isn’t it great that you have such a vibrant environment? You’ll absolutely get tired of looking at your surroundings, especially if what you normally see are roughly tall buildings, but with these colorful plants on your rooftop, I am sure that you really enjoy the view. What a beautiful sunflower!! Haha! My daughter would definitely love to go up there! :D

    Norbert Floth

  3. Your roof is breathtaking! With so many plants up there, you could turn it into a flower/plant shop and make a living out of it. I bet that can be a profitable business, given that your neighbors are lacking in some green plants. In that way, you can also inspire them to turn their rooftop into a garden.

    Missie  Rice

  4. What a way to maximize your space! Your rooftop feels very refreshing! Anyway, how many plants do you have? I’m sure there are butterflies in there too! Thank you for inspiring me to build a rooftop garden too. Thanks!

    --Tiffany Larsen