Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Graze the Roof MURAL children's book PUBLISHED!

Artist and Sustainability Educator Jessica Kraft who was the visionary behind Graze the Roof's unique story-telling mural has published a children's book inviting youth to engage in the principles behind the extraordinary images!

These books will be purchased and distributed to the 75 youth in the Family, Youth, and Childcare Center's program who have weekly interaction with the garden!

The book captures the essence of place-based transformation and the urban agriculture movement taking hold in San Francisco and beyond.

Take a look at the newly published book using the following link:

THANK YOU Jessica!


  1. That painting reminded me of the time when I was still in nursery. Our classroom looked just like this, but it had painted designs of a forest on the wall. It’s nice to see projects like this!

    Adam Waterford

  2. What a way to paint a roof! Plus, it was for a classroom for children who want to learn. Nice! Go green for the environment. I salute Jessica for organizing and executing this project. Two thumbs up for you!

    Shania Fargo

  3. The roof is simply magical! All the plants and murals made the roof the perfect place for storytelling. It will surely help open the imagination of the children while being told a story. Looking forward for more projects like this from you guys!

    Conner Spear