Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cob Building comes to the Garden

Join ECOSF and Graze the Roof us for a fun filled workshop on building with cob (sand, clay and straw)! We’ll mold these natural materials with our hands, and feet, and use this mixture to cover milk crates to enliven our mobile garden seats. We’ll also embed colorful mosaic tiles to decorate these new earthen additions to the beautiful roof garden at Glide.

All ages are welcome, be prepared to get dirty and have some fun!

ECOSF has been designing and building sustainable landscapes and natural building projects with schools and communities throughout San Francisco for over five years. Tori Jacobs and Sam Hartman, along with Davin Wentworth Thrasher, co founded this local non-profit organization and coordinate the programs including the Design and Build services, Ecological workshops and the School Farm, an outdoor experiential learning space and organic farm on the Campus of the School of the Arts High School.

Check out the inspiring work of ECOSF at {http://eco-sf.org/}

COB BUILDING Workshop in the Garden (rooftop of 330 Ellis St.)
April 8th 2012 - Easter Sunday at GLIDE is a spectacular place to celebrate!

RSVP for this one of a kind cob building workshop at Graze the Roof at grazetheroof@gmail.com

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