Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Native Plants Thrive at Graze the Roof

The Bay Area has been in the midst of a heat wave for the past few days!  These conditions have enabled many California native plants to flourish. The health of native plants supports the health of native wildlife, including important pollinators like bees, humming birds and butterflies.
California has especially beautiful native flowers; our state flower is the Golden Poppy. The Golden Poppy, known by locals as the California Poppy, became the state flower in 1903. Graze the Roof is a unique example of rooftop agriculture, and when all the right elements like adequate sun, water, and fertile soil are in place, it enables the California Poppy to emerge throughout the garden.

Native plants are good company in any garden, not only for the beauty but also to maintain the integrity of our living ecosystem, which helps to support our interconnected environment where everything has a place and a purpose.

Join us at Graze the Roof on Thursdays from 10a-2p. Visit the garden to observe our native plants growing alongside seasonal food-producing plants and get your hands dirty helping with the development of San Francisco’s premiere rooftop agriculture project. 


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