Monday, April 9, 2012

Natural Building

Cecil Williams used his '5 minutes' on stage toward the end of the 9am Celebration service with an extraordinary rendition of 'Amazing Grace,' joined by the GLIDE Ensemble and the congregation at large, the lyrics and collective voice were truly amazing...What a way to start off Easter Sunday; feeling inspired, moved, and filled with awe at the remarkable culture GLIDE is seeding in the streets.

Later in the day, up on the roof, we dug into the art and craftsmanship of Natural Building during the April installment of our urban agriculture workshop series.

Sam Hartman and Tori Jacobs of Eco-SF facilitated an in-depth and experiential workshop on building with natural materials and together a group of twelve community members from 4 years old to sixty years old, rolled up their pants and danced in clay, sand, straw and water to make cob, (a mixture similar to adobe that has been used for building projects around the world for hundreds of years)!

We 'cobbed' two milk crates and finished them off with beautiful mosaic tiles, creating images of the sun, moon and spring inspired growth, butterflies and dragonflies!

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