Monday, January 30, 2012

Creatin' Compost. Cultivatin' Community!

A big "Thank You!" to all the new volunteers who came out to the garden yesterday! We planted a forest of diverse salad greens, buckets of bunching onions and REBUILT OUR COMPOST SYSTEM!

We arranged 9 pallets, used an array of tools like saws, screws, drills, crow bar and our hard working hands to construct the vessel that will house our dynamic compost pile.

Nik Dyer of Purple Carrot Gardening described the needs and elements for any successful compost pile to work, including the ideal dimensions of 3ft * 3ft (which informed our use of wooden pallets), ample moisture, a healthy balance of organic matter: greens (nitrogen) and browns (carbon). Following these simple guidelines, we created conditions for the microorganisms of our pile to stay healthy and fed, while heating up and breaking down the organic matter we add to the pile.

The final product!?! Nutrient rich, organic matter to put back into our thriving rooftop garden system!

Look out for the next edition of our Sunday Workparty/Workshop coming up on February 19th from 1-3pm.
VERMI-LOVE with Booka Alon of Roots to Fruits and Kitchen Garden SF.
Booka will teach us about the benefits of Vermi-composting (composting with worms) and we will build a few worm bins for the garden.


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