Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mushroom Gardens come to the Roof

FUNGUS is fascinating, colorful and as a new forager of the forest, hunting for wild edible mushrooms, I have to say, fungus is fabulous! Mushrooms are rich in nutrition: vitamins and minerals as well as dense with regenerative properties, medicinal benefits and research shows we can partner with mushrooms for sustainable bioremediation projects. I'm a fan of fungus and as a gardener and foodie love this time of year because it is mushroom season in the forest and have always been intrigued by the idea of growing my own mushrooms...

Far West Fungi is a local, family run business that grows mushrooms and distributes widely. You can find their mushrooms at the Ferry Building and at farmer's markets around the city. They had an open house on Sunday to share the magnificence of their mushroom production; to teach and empower fungi.philes to grow their own gourmet mushrooms at home. We made the trek to beautiful Moss Landing where we met other folks passionate about mushrooms and the dynamics of urban agriculture.

We left Far West Fungi with trunk full of saw dust bricks colonized by shitake and oyster mushroom spawn...the foundation for creating a vibrant mushroom garden.

This week's volunteer workday will focus on creating mushroom gardens in the shady wet regions under our raised beds!

...Also I just observed oyster mushrooms growing out of our compost bin! Amazing!

Come on up to the roof this THURSDAY NOV. 3rd from 10a-2p to learn about and participate in the installation of mushroom gardens!

See you then!


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