Friday, November 4, 2011

Graze the Roof Harvest meets the GLIDE Kitchen!


Over the past few months Graze the Roof has boosted food production and increased biodiversity and overall fertility of the garden and is now READY to offer this great abundance to the GLIDE kitchen. The GLIDE kitchen distributes 60,000 meals a month to community members in need of nourishment. The meal program is supported by food banks and local family farms.

Besides the meal program that serves 3 hot meals a day, seven days a week, GLIDE facilitates community-based nutrition and wellness education programming and advocacy programs for Seniors. The fresh greens and herbs from the rooftop garden will be distributed throughout these different offerings!

On Thursday morning we harvested 9 lbs of food from the garden! We will begin doing a weekly harvest for the kitchen and work with the kitchen team to plant and grow seasonally relevant herbs and vegetables that align with the needs of the dynamic food programs run by the kitchen team!

Thank you to all the volunteers for your support in boosting production and making this dream a reality!

Join us on Thursdays from 10a-2p to continue the dynamic cultivation of a food forest within the Tenderloin.

Email with comments, questions and/or ideas for raising awareness about this inspiring food security project.

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