Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Tastes of Summer


25 plants are happy, green and the fruits of our stewardship are hanging heavy and ripe from their fertile branches! Graze the Roof has tomatoes!

Please join us in our extended late summer-early fall hours of 10a-2p each Thursday to taste a tomato, turn the compost, build soil, container garden construction, weed, water, and experience the continued transformation of a rooftop into a thriving and abundant food system.

Integrating the GLIDE kitchen/meal distribution program has been a part of the long-term vision of Graze the Roof since it’s inception. In recent weeks we have been retrieving coffee grounds from the Thursday morning brew to help heat our compost, as well as food scraps to feed the worms in the vermicomposting bin. These are steps we are actively taking in collaboration with the kitchen team to integrate these two food/community centers within the GLIDE Foundation.

This week, September 12th-16th, FYCC garden classes start up again. This season Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade as well as 3rd through 5th grade will all get the opportunity to spend time in the garden on a weekly basis! The youthful energy truly helps the essence of the garden to come alive!

Calling all honey-bee lovers! ... DON’T FORGET!

Meet at 330 Ellis St.
RSVP: grazetheroof@gmail.com
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