Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shitakes and Oysters Nestled within the Garden

Urban mushroom cultivation requires a passion for the fruit of the earth! Oh and did we feel impassioned this past Saturday when Nik Dyer led us in an conversation about the life cycle, biology and ecology of mushrooms. From bioremediation, to medicinal properties to culinary treasures, mushrooms, or more aptly stated, mycellium, the heart of the fungal network is responsible for so much of the dynamic equilibrium that holds our ecosystemic balance in place, not to mention that mushrooms and mycellium embody great potential for healing, nourishment and artistic inspiration.

As a group, the workshop participants represented diverse walks of life, professional endeavors and personal hobbies; we live all over San Francisco and the East Bay and each have a unique connection to the enchanting world of mushrooms. We learned in community and then we worked in community! Together, under the sun, we worked hard to create a mushroom garden for Graze the Roof; shredding and pasteurizing straw, filling burlap sacks with straw and shitake spawn and drilling holes in oak logs which we filled with inoculated dowles of oyster spawn.

The mushroom garden is now nestled among the other edible and beautiful elements that make up Graze the Roof!
Come check it out!


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