Friday, March 11, 2011

Empowerment and Urban Gardens

Yesterday a group a college students from South Carolina joined the volunteer work party. This diverse group of young leaders stepped onto the rooftop wanting to discuss empowerment, application of rooftop gardening techniques to small-scale home gardening, and the transformative edge between youth education and the urban food and farming movement.

This movement empowers. Why? Because the fundamental act of gardening or farming, of getting your hands in the soil, cultivating fertility, biodiversity and nourishment, in tandem with awakening seasonal awareness and a sensibility of life's interconnections is essential to evolving humanity's eco-literacy.

As we toured the garden, we discussed the different techniques that we use on the roof to compost, produce a yield, experiment with different containers to grow food, practical tips on what to plant, how to plant seeds, yield potential and the educational branch, and community outreach component that is core to the urban food and farming movement.

These young leaders have vision. They are gaining skills and experience that will fuel their respective work to feed, nurture and educate the collective.

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